Biologically relevant metabolites in real time

a non-invasive window into the human metabolism

We breathe several thousand times per day. Each exhalation carries several thousand metabolites.
Each breath reflects our metabolism in that particular moment.


Larger molecules tend to be more specific from a biological standpoint, but they have lower volatility. For this reason, they are very diluted in breath. SUPER SESI is optimized to detect low volatility species at minute concentrations.


real-time drug metabolism

biomarker discovery


Direct, real time analysis

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Despite the advantages of breath analysis, most attempts to identify biomarkers of disease have failed because of confounding variables. By analyzing breath on-line, cross contamination and confounding variables linked to sampled handling are eliminated.


Off-line analysis system (new)

Bringing patients into the lab is not always possible. For these situations, we introduce our bag sampling and de-sampling system. 

Some strategies to minimize the impact of confounding variables: use inert materials, ensure that all samples are stored and analyzed in the same conditions, minimize the chemical interaction between the sample and the sampling system, minimize handling, minimize the storage time.


Scientific resources

The field of breath analysis research is very extensive, with several groups working on it. Some areas of interest include:

  • Bio-marker research in Pulmonology & Gastroenterology.

    • Breath comes from the respiratory system, and it is in contact with the oral cavity. It is rich in lung and gastric metabolites.

    • Some lung problems which could greatly benefit from a breath diagnosis protocol: Pneumonia, TB, COPD, Asthma, Lung Cancer…

  • Bio-markers research of VOCs in blood. The lung exchanges chemical species between blood and breath very efficiently, thus providing access the bloodstream, and the entire body.

  • Pharmaco-kinetics. SUPER SESI allows for the analysis of multiple exhalations, causing no discomfort.

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Thinking of including breath test in your next clinical study?


  • A basic breath research plan aimed at the discovery of new breath biomarkers can be categorized as Clinical Study.

  • We have prepared a free guide to help you prepare the corresponding Clinical Study Protocol to include SUPER SESI.