Pablo ML.Sinues


Assistant Professor at the University of Basel (Department of Biomedical Engineering), and principal investigator of the Research Network Zurich Exhalomics

Sinues has co-authored > 40 peer-reviewed papers covering fields ranging from engineering to medicine, holds 2 patents, and serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Breath Research. Sinues is a chemist, and holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. He performed his doctoral research in Madrid and at Yale University in the former lab of Prof. John B. Fenn (Nobel Prize winner in 2002). 

Between 2011 and 2017, PML worked at ETH Zurich (Switzerland) as a senior scientist to deploy mass-spectrometric methods for the real-time analysis of trace gases in collaboration with the University Hospital Zurich

Since 2017, he holds a Tenure-Track Assistant Professor position (Botnar Research Professorship) at the University of Basel (Department of Biomedical Engineering). He is one of the principal investigators of the Research Network Zurich Exhalomics, which is an initiative by scientists from the Zurich area with the goal to provide technical solutions for the rapid and sensitive on-line analysis of breath.

Sinues has recently attracted an Eccellenza Grant by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and is one of the board members of the Deep Breath Initiative.






Sinues is a pioneer of SESI technology. He established the fundamental mechanistic studies that today allow us to understand SESI ionization mechanism. More importantly, Sinues pioneered and established SESI-MS as a technique for breath research. His proactive role in the definition of SUPER SESI and its requirements has been essential.